Perhaps the  best way to described this website is to explain what it is NOT. This website is in no way a substitute for a live teacher. This site is useful if you don't have regular access to a teacher, but there is only one opinion on this website, mine, and I encourage all clarinet students to get more than one opinion, from more than one teacher, website, friend, colleague or post graduate student.

This website has come about because I wanted to showcase the work I have been doing on my YouTube channel kathywilliams76, hence the reason the URL of this website is  I started uploading to my YouTube channel just before my marriage in June 2009, my first piece being the Stravinsky Three Pieces. I then recorded several solo clarinet pieces, including the Donizetti  Studie and the Arnold Fantasy Piece for solo clarinet. Then, for my own amusement, I got out my old Rose book of 40 studies book one and started happily recording my way through the first book. Of course, I was very green when it came to the technology I was using, just an old handycam. At that stage, and for a few years, I didn't know I could splice audio from my H2 Zoom onto the moving pictures. Being an active recitalist, I also started recording my concerts, I believe the first concert I recorded was at Albert St Church in September 2009.
‚ÄčOne thing I noticed was I started getting comments asking if I could play the etudes slower, especially the quicker ones, so that less advanced students could keep up. Which I happily did, then the idea came to me I could record short instructional videos on each of the etudes. And so I set out on the Rose Recording Project recording all 72 Etudes from the book of 40 and the book of 32. I also started out with three videos I entitled a Commentary on the first three of the Forty Etudes. 

From there I got some Music Minus One backing tracks, and soon was busily recording tutorial videos on anything that had a backing track, Mozart, Brahms and Weber, and also introduced the Rose Etude Mini Masterclasses. I then went further and added a second YouTube channel just for instructional videos and, seeing this website has gotten a little big, a separate website for beginner clarinet lessons and a comprehensive website on all 72 Rose Etudes

So there's a bit of something for all standards and tastes, I had to revamp the old website because updated their software. Enjoy!